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W. Paul Kiel

Described as "a geek who can communicate", I combine solid skills with a proven ability to convey technical information to CEOs, business analysts, and techies alike.

Development. Management. Transformation. is the consulting site for Paul Kiel.

He has a proven track record in managing large data migration projects. Led international content migration teams in the transformation of disparate data to integrated publishing endpoints. Achieved efficiencies in development scale leveraging componentized design of data models.

Experience in standards implementation and development. Applied semantic internet standards for taking data from model to transmission. Developed industry specifications for enabling data integration between arm's length trading partners.

Cloud Computing:

AWS Certified Big Data Specialty and Solutions Architect Associate.

Architect at LexisNexis:

Team Lead for LexisNexis International data conversion team. Designed and implemented agile processes for the conversion of large, dispirate data sets into 120 value streams for the next generation publishing platform. Engaged international SMEs and functional teams in the development of enterprise data models representing over 200 mastered types. Implemented product features resulting in 12-point increase in customer NPS scores. Architected modular Xml Schema data model library. Standardized enterprise XSLT best practices and NDR governance. Developed data conversion DITA documentation and processes resulting in 50% reduction in the time needed for new value stream development. Managed workstreams with 5,000 change requests resulting in 85% approval rate. Currently working on AWS cloud migration of regression testing platform.

Consulting work:

Created and implemented enterprise-wide canonical data models using UML and Xml Schema. Leveraged industry standards for enabling data integration between arm's length trading partners. Programmed XSLT adapters as well as Java based Xml Schema lightener and flattener for data integration management. Trained developers and analysts in technical design best practices.

Selected key technologies:

  • Foundational: Xml Schema, XSLT/XQuery, JSON, DITA, RelaxNG, XMI (metadata interchange), UML, BPMN
  • Programmatic: Java, Perl, Python
  • Industry: HR-XML/HR Open (human resources), OAGIS (supply chain management), OASIS (web services and others), STAR (Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail)