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What is the WSDLFlattener?

The WSDLFlattener is a FREE tool that helps you merge modularly designed WSDL and Xml Schema files into an easy to use stand alone file.

Often times, WSDLs and Schemas are developed modularly using both wsdl:include and xsd:include/xsd:import statements to enable the reuse of components. The WSDLFlattener takes a WSDL and merges all wsdl:includes as well as all xsd:include/xsd:import into a single, stand alone result.

Even further - the WSDL Flattener doesn't only copy included/imported files. It also merges all Xml Schema files by targetNamespace. So within the WSDL result, there is only one, single xsd:schema element for each default/targetNamespace.

The heart of the WSDL Flattener is an XSLT transformation. This means it can be used in applications and batch files in the same manner as the Schema Flattener and Schema Lightener.


Why would I need it?

This tool supports the notion of "develop modular, deploy stand alone". Meaning that the most efficient design is to model files in a modular, reusable fashion. Then when it comes time for deployment, one can merge together making things easier for tools and sharing with others. This is deployment as stand alone files.


The process of consolidating all dependencies of a WSDL into a single file. In short, all wsdl:include files are merged into a single WSDL. The WSDL Flattener will also merge all xsd:includes together in that same WSDL file result. In addition, it will do the same for each xsd:import dependency.

What do I get?

What are the requirements for using this utility?

How can I get it?

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get?

The core of the WSDLFlattener which is XSLT. These stylesheets come with the download. It is important to know that this project is very new. It is not yet complete nor fully tested.

  1. The core of the WSDL Flattener, which is an XSLT stylesheet. This can be used with any XSLT 2.0 processor.

  2. For your convenience, it comes bundled with Saxon, an XSLT processor created by Michael Kay. An open source version of Saxon is included in this product. See Saxon notices in this package for legal notes on its usage.


What are the requirements for using this utility?

Using the WSDLFlattener stylesheets only require an XSLT 2.0 processor. There are 2 free XSLT 2.0 processors:

  1. Saxon which has an open source version as well as commercial ones. According to their website, it works on any platform that has Java JDK 1.5 (also known as J2SE 5.0) or .NET version 2.0.
  2. AltovaXML is a free windows executable (.exe) component. This functionality is also baked into their flagship product XmlSpy.
  3. Consistent: Each namespace in the WSDL and XSD files is correlated with one and only one prefix throughout all files. (It may also be a default namespace.)
  4. Explicit: Each namespace declaration/prefix needed for the result exists in the WSDL file root (on wsdl:definitions or xsd:schema elements).


How can I get it?

The WSDL Flattener (released together as part of the SchemaLightener set of tools) is now on github!